It’s not TV, It’s HBO.

HBO Culture

HBO And It’s Approach To Cultural Values.

There are many elements that influence the culture in a society, and all major brands need to have an understanding of this influence, and their role within it, in order to have a successful business.  HBO has taken steps to arrange itself in a rather unique position within the entertainment industry so as to appeal to certain elements of culture that give it particular merit and recognition.  HBO is known to be groundbreaking, original, and high quality, and it turn, highlights its attachment to the current societal values of innovation, entertainment, being social, and success.

How HBO is able to accomplish this is a rather complicated question, but one easy example is to take a look at the very business model of the brand.  HBO is a premium cable channel.  This means all those who want access need to pay an additional charge to their cable provider to receive the channel.  Regardless of whether or not HBO follows through with its promise to be worth the additional cost, simply by being a premium station HBO sets itself apart as something exclusive, a sign of success and luxury for the individual who can afford to have this additional channel.  However, an important element in the success of this business model is that the programming available is worth the additional cost.  The quality of HBO programming is acknowledged to be innovative and of sound technical quality and entertainment value.  To rephrase, HBO pushes the envelope.  It creates content that could never be shown on traditional network stations, and even on some cable stations.  It also uses the resources from its unique business model to pay for excellent equipment and visual effects, being unafraid to dedicate real money to each program it produces.  The combination of these two abilities in turn raises the entertainment value of the programming, allowing it to keep the promise of its premium status.

Once this reputation of HBO was established, it is then the goal of the brand to permeate its association with these values from its original users to other consumers.  For an entertainment brand, this is mostly done by the process of informal learning.  If an individual hears the praise of his or her peers about a show on HBO programming, he or she might feel more compelled to get the service and be able to better participate in the conversation.  If consumers learn that this is a service valued by other members of society, they will generally put more value in it.  This is a moment where appealing to subcultures is also a major choice for companies like HBO.  In closing, here are a few fun HBO commercials and thier related subcultures, the peers who will spread the word to one another and help the viewer base grow.

General Preview

Young Adults

Sports Fans



One thought on “It’s not TV, It’s HBO.

  1. I also believe that HBO has done a great job of setting itself apart from other television channels and showing that they are worth the additional cost. They many different original television shows that cannot be seen in any other place than HBO. These shows have been proven to be quality by their production value and all of the raves and reviews from customers who watch the shows. Many of the shows, like Game of Thrones, have even been trending on Twitter with different hashtags during the season premieres and finales which shows just how popular they are. I also like the fact the HBO provides their customers with an online option called HBO GO to watch older television series that they had, like The Wire. It is like their own version of Netflix for all of their original shows. The online option just gives even more value that helps to persuade customers to believe that the additional cost they are paying is worth it to keep HBO. -Alyssa Dixon


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