Look Here! Consumer Perception And HBO


Consumer Perception can be defined as a consumers subjective understanding of objective realities.  This is an interesting subject to cover when relating to a media brand because the media often works to construct its own realities in the shows and branding it constructs that the viewer can then become immersed in.  In similar fashion, HBO’s efforts to get the attention of consumers in their day to day lives, is often to create advertising that incorporates the fantastic or dramatic environments of its programming into the consumer’s everyday life.

HBO also makes particular use of contrast in its advertisements, showing parts of the programming that are loud and bold and will draw the viewers attention because it is so diffrent from what might have previously been on their screens.

HBO has also tried hard to make itself easily accessible to the consumer.  In media, the concept of a retailer is quite different then with traditional goods.  There are the cable companies that bring HBO’s premium stations to your television set, but there are also all the online portals that a viewer may use to access HBO Go.  In response to this diversity or retailers, HBO has worked very hard to develop its brand independent from this measure of credibility and make itself accessible on all manner of platforms that the viewer already likes.  In turn, the media industry has adapted to using access to HBO as a factor to give individual retailers crediblity rather then the other way around.

HBO has also discussed possibly making some of its products available exclusively online without the need for a premium cable subscription.  When deciding at what price to set this service, I am confident HBO will pull from the perceived price of the consumer, defined as the customers perceived value of the product or service it received.  HBO may also look at other external reference prices available to consumers, such as that for a subscription to Netflix, Hulu Plus, or Amazon Prime.

When it comes to consumer perception, HBO’s main goal should be to play it fair.  If they take an objective look at the value of their product and not inflate the prices due to ego, or lower the price too much to continue to support the quality of media expected, they should be okay.  They are in a good position within the industry, and as they say – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.